Management System Policy

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

CHI Ltd Nigeria, manufacturer of fruit Juice and drinks, bakery products, milk and milk based product has a vision to achieve competitive business advantage through leadership and excellence in Health, Safety and Environment sustainability. CHI Limited has a commitment to conduct its operations in a responsible manner to protect its employees, the environment and community in which it operates. All employees are responsible for implementing the appropriate controls for effective management of HSE risks & aspects in their respective areas. HSE performance of individuals shall be taken into consideration in the decisions on their career advancements.

In pursuit towards excellence in HSE, CHI Limited is committed to:  
  • Operating our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
  • Protecting the environment, including the prevention of its pollution in a manner that enhances and promotes the safety of our employees and others affected by our operations.
  • Providing a safe and health working conditions for the prevention of work related injury and ill health, taking into consideration the size, context and specific nature of the organization HSE risks and opportunities.
  • Creating a positive culture which empowers and engages all employees including contractors, by providing appropriate training to build relevant competencies.
  • Controlling occupational health and safety risks using the hierarchy of controls.
  • Providing framework for setting the OH&S and environmental objectives.
  • Satisfying legal and other applicable requirements.
  • Establishing a robust system to identify & mitigate risk to ensure compliance to HSE Management.
  • Continually improve OH&S and environmental performance by reviewing HSE Objectives and Targets.
  • Consultation and participation of workers, worker’s representatives and other stakeholders in decision making, resolving issues and improving performance

Quality Policy

  We shall continuously meet and exceed the quality expectations of our consumers, local and overseas customers, satisfying all our applicable statutory and regulatory requirements; and continually improving our quality management system   In our pursuit towards excellence, CHI limited is committed;
    • To implementing and adhering to ISO 9001 Quality Management system.
    • To bringing transparency by standardization of processes and procedure.
    • To continuously improve product features by taking advantage of ongoing development in technology.
    • To continuously improve the efficiency of our productivity while reducing wastage and maintaining environment in all aspects of operation.
    • To ensuring high standards of hygiene and cleanliness in all production operation.
    • To continuously improve ourselves through training and motivation.
    • To meeting and exceeding the quality expectation of our customers by anticipating their needs and wishes.
    • To continuously improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of our internal communication and the communication with our customers.

Food Safety Policy

We are committed to processing and selling of safe and quality fruit juices and drinks, bakery products, milk and milk based products by meeting customers’ expectation and all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements under a safe and hygienic environment with effective communication process with our stake holders.  
      • To identify the essential principles of food hygiene applicable throughout the food chain to achieve the goal of ensuring that food is safe and suitable for human consumption.
      • To properly review and monitor the critical control points in order to minimize food spoilage and resulting food borne diseases which can adversely impact trade opportunities and consumer confidence.
      • To establish a control system which focuses on prevention of food hazards rather than relying mainly on finished product testing.
    • To Increase customer / consumer confidence in product safety.